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Disc Golf Course Statistics

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Top 10 round handicap scores in the last 30 days
PlayerCourseScoreScore - ParHandicap ScoreDate
BooBerkeley Aquatic Par...9844-7.88/8/2014
br_dellaCondon Park51-3-6.58/28/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron54-3-4.78/7/2014
taliBenPIC Ile Charron54-3-3.38/31/2014
br_dellaCondon Park551-2.78/21/2014
GOtheDISCTANCEBerkeley Aquatic Par...6511-2.38/8/2014
BETrDANcrisBryan McClain Park626-2.08/17/2014
akibaRocklin DGC6915-1.98/30/2014
chrisjd7Bryan McClain Park637-1.98/23/2014
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Top 20
  1060.75   GOtheDISCTANCE  
  999   NatAndSons  
  1049.78   Cfactor  
  999   texaspride  
  1042.47   Isaac  
  999   charlesdemar87  
  1032.52   br_della  
  999   fri  
  1004.73   taliBen  
  999   VaughnShotts  
  999.83   BETrDANcris  
  999   splinterem  
  999   eladbern  
  999   Moorstream  
  999   FireSpy  
  998.17   chrisjd7  
  999   narcpress  
  992.22   akiba  
  999   Nodosaurus  
  949.79   bluelbow  
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Beacon Hill Park Disc Golf CourseCourse Update - 7/29/2014As of today the following improvements have recently been made at the course: - Hole 1, Blue Tee Box has had the information pole removed from the flight path. The poor tree that still remains is a hazard you need to try to avoid. If I get enough pressure from you all, I might move the tee box a little west. The new information box has maps again and they have ...more7/29/2014 5:09:34 PM0BJBalkman
Recent Disc Golf Rounds Played
CoursePlayerScore4 Rnd Hcp Score10 Rnd Hcp ScoreDate
PIC Ile CharrontaliBen-3-2.250-3.3008/31/2014
Bryan McClain Parkchrisjd7133.2504.3008/31/2014
Bryan McClain ParkBETrDANcris9-0.2500.8008/31/2014
Bryan McClain Parkchrisjd78-1.250-0.7008/31/2014
Bryan McClain ParkBETrDANcris112.5002.9008/31/2014

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